Technology that thinks outside of your veg box.

Powerful and affordable software that’s a game changer for local veg box schemes.

After launching in early 2023 we have already welcomed some of the most significant and established veg box schemes in the UK.

What is Growing Good?

A first-class shopping experience coupled with easy to use software, built to make life running a box scheme simple.

Your brand on your own domain.

Why Growing Good?

An idea grown from seed.

Delight your customers.

An online shopping experience with advanced functionality to compete with the national box schemes. Built from the ground-up for buying and selling veg boxes.

Make the software fit you.

Turn on and off features to suit how you run your business. Eg. choose how to manage dislikes, swaps and whether to charge extra for them. Our software gives you options, not limitations.

Product features

Box builder

Quickly plan box contents, work to target margins, copy from a previous week, easily set stock levels and your swap items. Publish to the website and prompt customers to shop in a single click.

Build your own website

Use our page builder (no code required) to easily build-out a website with your own brand and personailty, on your own domain. If you’d rather speed things up then choose from our preset templates and apply the theme of your choice.

Real time data

See exactly where your sales are for the week and the other key metrics you need to run your business in real time. Run reports and analytics on just about any measure you can think of.

There's more...

Our admin system has been built from the ground-up with everything you need and nothing you don’t. It’s simple, intuitive and easy to use for even the most technophobic user.

Our simple admin system means you’ll find things where you’d expect to. Not only will our front-end site encourage customers to shop your full range, the admin system makes it easy for you to make sure your products are in the right place at the right time.

Choose how you’d like to manage dislikes and swaps. Choose which products to allow swaps on and how to charge for them, set origin, value and stock levels all in the same place.

Our system produces real-time picking and packing information that can be accessed by your team on their mobile or tablet. We also produce ordering numbers in real time, allowing you to place accurate wholesale orders quickly.

Fully integrated route planning software that enables us to produce intelligent packing and loading info. Tell your customers when to expect you and give drivers all the info they need on their mobile phone, a paper-free zone!

We’ve thought about the little things and automated most of them. We’ll automatically prompt and inform customers with the right information at the right time, so you don’t have to.

We’ve integrated with Stripe, a tech-first global leader in payment solutions to enable us to overcome customer hesitance around direct debit sign-up, without losing any of the peace of mind it offers for box schemes.

Investment in our product will be ongoing, with new features made available to all users at no extra cost. We’ll even ask you to vote on our development list, so we know what you'd like us to build first.

Together we’ll share marketing insights and best practice, backed-up by powerful user data from our system.

While we don’t need outside investment to reach our goals, an injection of capital will help us get there faster. Faster development, bigger capability. The more of that investment that comes from within our community, the better.

We know. It doesn’t grow on trees.

Our Pricing

We have a transparent pricing structure that offers fairness and value regardless of your size.

The discount that we access with Stripe, which is fully integrated into our admin system, is passed on to you in full.

This enables us to keep pricing simple with one payment per transaction to cover all costs - this includes hosting, maintenance, support, route planning and payment processing.

There is no charge for migration, set-up or training.

Our fee structure takes into account the average number of deliveries made per week (over the previous 4 weeks) and charges you a % of your sales upon transaction.

Growing Good fees range from 2.5% for the first 250 deliveries down to 0.5% for more than 800.
Use our fee calculator to see what your current fee % will be.
A flat rate payment processing fee of 1.25% (~0.75% + 10p) will be added.

Deliveries% of sales transacted

Calculate your price

Deliveries per week =
Your price is 2.5% per delivery

Our Philosophy

The veg box delivery market is dominated by a very small number of very large operators with very expensive technology and huge marketing budgets.

This makes running a small, local box scheme a challenging business. 
It’s hard work on tight margins.

A good online veg box store with the functionality to make customers really happy is complicated and expensive to build, outside of the biggest players, it doesn’t really exist.

Automation and integration of farm and packing shed process is also beyond the reach of most box schemes.

We’re going to help change that.

Who we are

Meet the team
Founder & CEO
Founder & CPO
Founder & CTO
Establishing our roots.

Invest with us

After a successful pre-seed round in late 2022 we have bigger plans for 2024.

Our first raise has helped deliver in 6 months what could otherwise have taken years. We are now well on our way to establishing a sustainable ‘critical mass’ of business and capability.
A veg box market packed with nice surprises.

The size of the opportunity for our technology to make a transformative difference to short supply-chain, direct-selling food systems is beyond our initial estimation.

Much of this opportunity we'd categorise as 'urgent'. Our small team will need additional resources to keep pace with users onboarding alongside building-out the product into new areas. Too much opportunity and work, not enough time.

We'll be launching our next funding round in 2024 to help accelerate our plans and ensure we don't miss the opportunity to make a wider impact.

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